Friday, 11 July 2008

The Conscience Lives!

Over 10,000 volunteer registrations in 72 hours, offering their time, skills and energies in teaching the underprivileged children of India. An initiative launched recently by the Times of India, one of India's leading media houses, inviting volunteers to teach!

In these days of inflation, work stress, challenging careers and chronic blood pressure amongst professionals, it was heartening to note the enthusiasm with which men and women from all walks of life have taken that first step towards giving back to society.

It quite obviously displays the need for a credible "brand" in giving that crucial spark to the inertia that lies within all of us! And yes, I have finally taken that plunge, and urge you do the same. Its never too late!

I also await the day when wallets and purses shall be opened to offer money as micro-loans to small economic enterprises that await to flourish. The conscience is alive, but awaits a "brand" to start the fire!

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