Monday, 31 March 2008

Mobile Banking - Opportunities & Challenges

There have been several papers and articles written on the opportunities offered by the mobile phone in enabling banking access and transactions in an economical manner....

Came across this paper, which clearly outlines the basics of the subject and would serve as a good starting point for those who would like a simple document that covers the fundamentals quite well

To download the paper, click here

Sunday, 30 March 2008

The Base of the Pyramid.....

The Base of the Pyramid (BOP) is an area that has ignited research and several initiatives across the globe in recent years. The challenge in extending basic banking services and credit to BOP members is one that is spurring innovation amongst bankers and financial institutions alike. Over the next couple of months, I would be touching upon some work & initiatives being undertaken in this space.

The BOP as a concept gained much visibility with CK Prahlad's book on the same subject. The
Base of the Pyramid (BoP) Protocol Initiative is an action research program launched in 2003 to develop and refine a corporate innovation process geared for the unique challenge of sustainably serving Base of the Pyramid markets.

The initial framework for the BoP Protocol process was developed in 2004 through an intensive four-day design workshop at the Johnson Foundation's Wingspread Conference Center. The workshop brought together a diverse mix of social entrepreneurs and non-governmental organizations, a dozen managers from the project's four corporate sponsors, and thought leaders from various academic fields such as International Development, Social Work, Economic Anthropology, and Design.

Working from this framework, the 1st Edition of the BoP Protocol was released in March 2005. Since then, CSGE has partnered with two corporations to implement the BoP Protocol. The first project was launched in 2005 by SC Johnson in Kenya, and the second was launched in 2006 in India by the Solae Company, a subsidiary of DuPont.

To read / downlad the second edition published recently, click here

Friday, 28 March 2008

Innovation Redefined!

"Innovation is the ancient art of letting people do their jobs!"

I just loved this one when I came across it in wired....Your views ?

Friday, 21 March 2008

Debt Redefined!

The Indian market for unsecured and secured loans including credit cards has exploded over the last seven years. Access to low cost loans has fueled the growth in consumer spending but has also resulted in "exuberance" and resulted in rising defaults.
As more consumers traverse the rocky path of increasing interest rates and as newer customers enter the credit fold there is an ever growing need for education and advise at the right time!

A movement that has gathered momentum are Internet based communities that facilitate members to exchange notes and also advise on how loans should be managed and repaid in effective manners. Wesabe offers both a forum and a set of tools that help customers make better financial decisions!

This leads us to another question/ opportunity? Perhaps there is an opportunity for lending institutions to play a consultative / advisory role in guiding clients on the quantum of loans that they should take?

Your views?..........................