Wednesday, 3 February 2010

For the Love of Apple!

Have been an Apple convert for over three years now. It's possibly one of the leading consumer marketing organisations of the decade, if not the century.

Came across an article on " Apple & the Dawn of I-Commerce", and the author's predictions ...
  • Amazon will be selling the iPad before Christmas regardless of the future of the Kindle.
  • Google Wave will find its real footing not on Nexus One but on the iPad
  • Independent multi-media producers will distribute their content outside of studio control, directly on a "iMarketplace" within three years
  • Netbooks will disappear from the retail shelves by 2011 and be replaced by a variety of slate devices running Windows 7.
  • The iPad will become a video calling mobile device by the time 4G networks are reliably deployed
  • The next iteration of the AppleTV (let's call it iTV), rumored for 2011, will interact with the iPads, iPods and iPhones to extend the viewer's experience across multiple screens simultaneously.
Further quoting the author... "For all we know a year from now Square will introduce an enhanced version of its service and card reader for the iPad (let's call it "Cube") to provide low end merchants with POS functionality up to now reserved for systems integrated with a cash register."

Time will tell if the above predictions indeed do materialise, but would be keen to see if Apple can actually revolutionalise the alternative and core payments space....

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