Sunday, 28 September 2008

Hunger Redefined....

  1. 25,000 lives are lost every day from hunger and poverty; even a bad case of diarrhea can lead to death because of weakness caused by hunger
  2. More than 800 million people know what it feels like to go to bed hungry; most of them women and children
  3. Malnutrition causes more than half of all child deaths.
  4. Poor families spend over 70% of their income on food.
  5. More than 100 million children are stunted physically and mentally from malnutrition, wrecking their chances for a good education and productive future
On this bright Sunday, as you set out for a sumptuous lunch and an afternoon siesta, may I request you to kindly put your grey cells together and think once again how the banking and finance communities can re-engineer and make a difference...

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